Virtual Workshop on "Youth Action on Climate Crisis"


The Workshop on "Youth Action on Climate Crisis" is going to be organized on the 8th of May, 2021, by Bangladesh Youth Climate Network (BYCN), under the supervision of Institute of Wellbeing Bangladesh (IWB) 


Virtual Workshop on "Youth Action on Climate Crisis" will bring youth students from the BYCN Community.

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The success of this workshop reflects the critical environmental topics that are discussed as well as how to change or campaign globally to buildup awareness and Action on climate.

All the young students all over the world have been called for registration. The 2 hour long virtual workshop would start at 12 pm, on May 08, 2021.

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The main events include exciting Quiz competition, Games, IQ test, Group Activity and lot more. The top 10 participants, based on there overall activity and participation would be rewarded. Some of them will get internship opportunities at IWB.

The Co-founder and Executive Director at Institute of Wellbeing, Bangladesh, Debra Efroymson will be present in the program.

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Two foreign BYCN Ambassadors will be also present. The program will be hosted on Zoom.

The events would be conducted by the BYCN Campus ambassadors, co-ambassadors and members of the top universities of Bangladesh. The purpose of this workshop is to grab the attention of the youth on the critical environmental topics.

This focuses on building up a proactive and sincere young generation with proper knowledge and understanding of the current situation of the global climate and other facts.

BYCN aims to offer a platform to the youth to bring about a change in the overall thinking process regarding climate issues and environment and the activities that people are allowed to do and not.

To join the movement, please register here for free:


In case of any queries regarding the program, feel free to contact:


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