Golap has been selling muri makha in Kanchanmore for 31 years

Golam Mostafa selling 'Magic Masala' jhalmuri in Kanchanmor area of ​​Biral upazila of Dinajpur. 

From the inside of the sack, he is pouring the crumbs into the bucket. Then the amount of chilli-onion paste is being mixed. 'Magic' spice is being taken from the pan with a spoon. Spice oil falls into the bucket as soon as you press the bottle. As soon as the smearing with the small stick was finished, Janadashek's hand came forward towards the seller. 'Brother here 10 rupees, brother here 20 rupees.' In this way time passes, the sack of mud is empty, the pocket of Golam Mostafa alias Golap (50) is filled.

Golam Mostafa Murimakhar shop in Kanchanmor area of ​​Biral upazila of Dinajpur. He has been selling murimakha for 31 consecutive years at this junction. His house is in Teghra area, three kilometers away from there. Although his name is Golam Mostafa, he is known as 'Jhalmuri Golap'. Many people come every day to eat his hand-made murimakha. Crowds double on holidays. Every day from 4 pm to 12 midnight, he sells murimakha in a van in front of the shop.

Many people came from Dinajpur city and Biral and surrounding areas to eat Golam Mostafa's murimakha. The fragrance of his 'magic spice' has caught the attention of many. Many people buy magic spices from him to eat with bread or rice.

Golam Mostafa does not want to say the recipe of 'Magic Spice'. His idea is that it will unravel the mystery. He said that 22 types of ingredients including ginger, garlic, turmeric, cardamom, kalizira, mustard, cumin, clove, jaggery, nutmeg, fenugreek, soybean oil are used in this spice. He makes one ounce of spice every day. Of this, 22 to 25 kg goes to Murimakha. The rest are sold separately.

A visit to Golam Mostafa's shop on Saturday afternoon revealed that Janbishek Kishore was eating murimakha. Sajid Hossain (14), one of them, says in the first light, the turn here is very funny. Almost every day on his way back from coaching, he eats murmikha here.

The van is decorated with 'magic spice' in small polythene. A man named Rakibul Islam bought five bags of spices. He said his home is in Bogra city. Rarely has he come to his father-in-law's house. On his mobile phone, his wife repeatedly reminded him to bring Golap spice.

Golam Mostafa has been making a living by selling murimakha for 31 years. He is survived by his wife, two sons and a daughter. The children all study. He has built a three-storey building adjacent to his tinshed house. The roof work on the second floor has already been completed. His wife keeps pigeons, ducks, chickens as well as cows and goats.

On Sunday morning, they visited Golam Mostafa's house in Teghra area of ​​the upazila and found him busy with his wife and son making spices. He said he started selling jhalmuri at the gates of different schools from the age of 19. In the morning at school and in the afternoon at Kanchanmor area. On an average daily, he sells murimakha and magic spices for 12 to 15 thousand rupees. He also has two employees in the shop with a salary of 600 rupees. Excluding all expenses, the daily profit is about 2 thousand rupees. However, as the prices of all commodities including oil and spices have gone up, the amount of profit has decreased a bit.

The story behind Golam Mostafa coming into this business is quite great. The story is also known to his wife Monwar. Still, he lowered his voice and began to speak. When he was 19, he went to visit his cousin's father-in-law's house in Munshiganj. After staying there for seven months, he fell in love with a girl. Premika's father was a jhalamuri seller. Magic spice recipe is his invention. Golam Mostafa learned the recipe from him. At one stage, the ring is exchanged with the lover as a family. But after a few days, the lover's father changed his mind. Golam Mostafa has to take back the ring. The next day he returned from Munshiganj to his village in Dinajpur. After consulting with his brother, he started a jhalmuri business with a recipe he learned from his lover's father. Then he did not have to look back.

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