Mezbaur Rahman Sumon's 'Hawa' is getting houseful shows one after another in the second week since its release. The country's biggest hall in Jessore's Manihar saw huge crowds on the day of its release on August 5.

Jazz Multimedia, the distributor of 'Hawa', said on Saturday that the sales on August 5 were over Tk 3 lakh. Which is highest in last 5 years. However, while talking to, the hall authorities said that this information is wrong.

Jazz wrote in a Facebook post on Saturday, "Hawa" movie was sold at 3 lakh 2 thousand 400 taka yesterday at Manihar Cinema Hall in Jessore, which is the highest sale after the movie 'Boss 2' which was released on Eid 2017. That is, in the last 5 years, no movie could sell so much money in one day.

Ziaul Islam, managing director of Manihar, said, 'The news of selling tickets for 3 lakh taka is not true. According to our calculations, it has been more than two lakh rupees, which is a relief for us. And five years ago, not 'Boss-2', but 'Shikari' was the highest-grossing film.'

Manihar's theater ran 'Din the Day' last Eid. Then they released 'Paran'. The film ran for two weeks. Then released 'Hawa'. Ziaul Islam said, "'Din the Day" movie business has gone very bad. "Paran" is better than this. But did not get any show housefull. And now the "air" that I am running, the response is the best. The way the audience is coming, it feels good.'

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